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Discover how easy it is for your business to take a huge step towards smart factory, thanks to condition monitoring and remote monitoring!

STEGO CONNECT Easy Crew personalities


Never has it been easier to integrate smart field devices, such as sensors and actuators, into your IIoT!

Easy Crew character: Onboarding

Initial set-up of your IIoT control centre is simplicity itself. In just a few minutes, your application is online and you can take your first steps into the world of Industry 4.0 all by yourself, without complicated and costly support from IT consultants.

Plug & Connect ensures onboarding of IO-Link sensors and actuators at lightning speed. STEGO CONNECT functionality is modular and standardised – making it easy to replace and reconfigure devices later on. Simply set the parameters in the STEGO CONNECT cockpit.

Device management STEGO CONNECT is a powerful tool, providing you with central device management and giving you an overview of the most complex installations and application scenarios at any time.

  • Automatic device onboarding
  • Central asset and device management
  • Central configuration and parametrisation
  • Clear visualisation of connected IO-Link components


The superior telemetry attributes of STEGO CONNECT provide you with an overview!

Easy Crew character: Telemetry

Data and the findings it produces are like gold in this digital age. As users, you will collect, aggregate and visualise the data for your application. This will provide you with valuable insights. Images of processes and statuses emerge in real time. This enables you to be proactive with forecasts that help to avoid malfunctions and failures and optimise processes.

Devices – monitor and configure Be aware of what’s going on. STEGO CONNECT enables you to keep firm control of all your IO-Link components. Readings are continuously transferred into the cloud, giving you an overview of the status in your application at any time. In real time.

  • Visualisation of process data from IO-Link devices (remote monitoring)
  • Reading and editing of IO-Link device parameters
  • Diagnostic support & fault detection
  • Configurable dashboards to set up application-related cockpits and alerts


The control of all devices from one central place, the IIoT, saves huge costs, a lot of time and provides enormous scope for adaptation!

Easy Crew character: Workflow

High personnel costs and long journeys are unnecessary cost drivers and a thing of the past. Make it easier for you and your business to be competitive in the future! Monitoring, remote maintenance and predictive maintenance open up opportunities for the essential streamlining of staffing levels in organisations. Automation and autonomously controlled decisions are made in a centralised and planned manner.

STEGO CONNECT Workflows The STEGO CONNECT workflow editor makes life easy for you. Click complex automation routines together with ease, with no need for any programming knowledge.

  • Central creation of workflows in the cloud
  • Fail-safe processing of workflows via edge computing
  • Sensor data and calculated data as the basis for commands
  • Intuitive drag & drop workflow editor
Product EdgeBox DCE 074


This is an integral part of your digitalisation with STEGO CONNECT

The EdgeBox SCE 074 is both the edge computer and gateway for the STEGO CONNECT IIoT platform. Via an end-to-end solution, you can connect digital field devices to the cloud using the IO-Link protocol. The EdgeBox SCE 074 enables automatic recognition of the supported IO-Link Master and all IO-Link devices connected to it.

Download Datasheet
Product IO-Link Master SCM 074


For the connection of devices, such as IO-Link sensors and actuators

For the connection of up to 4 IO-Link devices. It is the interface between sensors and actuators and the Edge Box for transmitting device data into the STEGO CONNECT cloud.

Download Datasheet


Even if the IO-Link compatibility of STEGO CONNECT means you are not dependent on any manufacturer when choosing your devices, we offer first-class hardware products. Take a look!




STEGO CONNECT is an easy-to-use IIoT platform. Our cloud service makes automation in the industrial environment easy and user friendly. With STEGO CONNECT you will be using these technologies: IO-Link, edge computing, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

What can I do specifically with STEGO CONNECT?

In a nutshell: automation! This IIoT technology makes it easy for you to centrally manage localised automation scenarios. For example, you can configure, parametrise and manage IO-Link devices from any manufacturer, however you wish, as well as record data from sensors and actuators, summarise data visually on dashboards, create alerts for critical events and issue control commands to sensors and actuators.

Why do I need the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)?

IIoT is an integral component of Industry 4.0. It is essential for decentralised control of modern automation solutions.

What range of functions does the STEGO CONNECT IIoT platform offer?

The range of functions essentially includes configuration, parametrisation, data capture, asset management, alerts, dashboards, workflow editor and the control of sensors and actuators.

How do I connect to STEGO CONNECT via the Internet?

Simply connect to STEGO CONNECT via your Ethernet (cabled Internet connection).

What maximum cable length can I implement for the connection of my IO-Link actuators and sensors?

You can implement cables of up to 20 m in length (from the IO-Link Master).

Which cables do I need for my STEGO CONNECT installation? (Cables are not included in the delivery)

For the IO-Link Master, you will need unshielded standard cabling (3-wire, with M12 plug-in connector). For the edge box, you will need a power cable to supply an input voltage of DC 24V (coax connector) and an Ethernet cable.

Which devices can I manage and control with STEGO CONNECT?

You can use any IO-Link device from any manufacturer. STEGO CONNECT reliably identifies the description file of IO-Link devices (IODD) for any manufacturer. STEGO CONNECT is 100 percent compatible with the entire IO-Link ecosystem.

Note: It is essential that the STEGO CONNECT system is set up correctly. These two original STEGO CONNECT system components are compulsory: EdgeBox SCE 074 and IO-Link Master SCM 074.

How long is my STEGO CONNECT subscription?

The contract is initially fixed for a period of one year plus four weeks, calculated from the date of signing. After the expiry of this period, the contract is extended by a further year if it is not terminated - in writing - with a notice period of six weeks to the expiry of the fixed period.

How can I cancel my STEGO CONNECT subscription?

Simply cancel your subscription by e-mail or by post. Important: The cancellation must be in writing. The notice period is six weeks to the end of the contract signing period.

How do I pay for my STEGO CONNECT subscription?

For your convenience, payment is made via invoice, and must be made on the first of each month in advance.

What is an edge box?

The edge box is the common name for an edge computer. It is an industry computer for field use.

Where can I purchase the necessary components for running STEGO CONNECT?

Compile your individual request for a quote here. We can provide you with a quote for the components you require. We can advise you!

What is the maximum number of IO-Link field devices (sensors/actuators) that I can run on the edge box?

STEGO CONNECT supports one IO-Link Master with four ports for each edge computer (edge box) connected. Each port can be connected to an IO-Link sensor or actuator.

What happens after I place my order for STEGO CONNECT?

Our advisers at STEGO CONNECT will contact you to coordinate your requirements and activate your STEGO CONNECT access.

How soon after purchasing the STEGO CONNECT software can I use it?

As soon as STEGO CONNECT Sales has been in touch with you and activated your access. They will usually contact you within one working day.

Do I need to use the IO-Link Master specified by STEGO CONNECT or can I use my own IO-Link Master?

Any IO-Link Master will engage proprietary (internally-developed) software. To start our IIoT cloud service, we have chosen a product currently on the market from the successful manufacturer ifm. In future, other IO-Link Masters will be specified for use with STEGO CONNECT.

Can I only use the STEGO CONNECT edge box or can I also use other edge computers?

Only the STEGO CONNECT edge box enables you to use cloud service, as this is at the heart of the application. The software installed on this and your access parameters are individually configured for you “ex-works”. This applies to any edge box that needs to be integrated in the system.

What are IO-Link field devices?

They are IO-Link sensors and IO-Link actuators that are used in the “field”. They are usually used in an automation application at an industrial location, such as in a factory building.

Why do I need an edge box/edge computing?

The connection to the IIoT can be lost or it can be too slow. It is therefore important to have an instance on the edge of your application scenario: the edge computer. This executes the actions in your application implemented with STEGO CONNECT independently of any Internet connection.

Why do I need an IO-Link Master?

The IO-Link Master is the bidirectional interface between the higher-level control and the connected actuators and sensors. Providing each individual actuator or sensor with this interface function is not usually financially viable. The upstream connection of a master level is therefore common in IO-Link applications.

What costs will I incur as a STEGO CONNECT user?

STEGO CONNECT has a fair and straightforward billing system. You only pay for the components that are connected. Each edge box connected is subject to a monthly fee of € 99 (net). This means you can scale your IIoT infrastructure to the exact dimensions you require.

How many users in my company can access STEGO CONNECT at the same time?

You can assign and register an unlimited number of users with rights and roles for each account. A higher number of users is to be regulated by an additional contractual agreement.

How do I integrate other edge boxes into STEGO CONNECT?

Simply use a cable to connect the STEGO CONNECT edge box to your Ethernet. The edge box preconfigured ex-works with data from your account is automatically added to your system. You just need to click on the edge box identified in your STEGO CONNECT account to confirm.

How do I calculate my edge box requirement?

The STEGO CONNECT edge box currently supports one IO-Link Master with four ports. You will therefore obtain smart services for four IO-Link terminal devices (sensors or actuators) in your STEGO CONNECT account.

Where is my data stored.

In a computer centre in Europe. STEGO CONNECT uses the established Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure.

What happens if the Internet connection is interrupted?

The edge box is always active in the STEGO CONNECT workflow for your automation scenario. The edge box calculates and controls the actions you have specified in the CONNECT cloud, independently of the Internet connection. This means that independent control and computation for your automation is always guaranteed.

What are alerts?

Alerts warn you that a defined event has occurred. For example, if a critical threshold value has been reached on a temperature sensor. The report is sent to the recipient previously specified via a designated communication channel. Thus, for example, the relevant employee in the maintenance department will receive an e-mail.

What are dashboards?

Clear reporting modules in the STEGO CONNECT cloud software. You can thus organise your data for an individual cockpit, as appropriate, using the dashboard.

What is the workflow editor?

The workflow editor is the easiest way for you to program your automation routines. Using a visual drag & drop editor, you create the command sequences for your required automation. No programming knowledge is needed for this.

Your Subscription

Get connected! For only 65 €* per month per EdgeBox.Your solution to shaping IIoT to your needs – Easy!

We are looking forward to dialoging with you. Let us show you how quick and easy you can get your automation started with IO-Link and STEGO CONNECT. Request your online meeting now!

  • Includes the use of the IIoT platform (Software-as-a-Service).
  • Subscription also covers one EdgeBox SCE 074 incl. firmware for use as an edge computer and IIoT gateway.
  • Additionally, you will need the IO-Link Master SCM 074 specified for STEGO CONNECT (not included in subscription price).
per month
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  • Includes the use of the IIoT platform (Software-as-a-Service).
  • Subscription also covers one EdgeBox SCE 074 incl. firmware for use as an edge computer and IIoT gateway.
  • Additionally, you will need the IO-Link Master SCM 074 specified for STEGO CONNECT (not included in subscription price).

*Excerpt from: User agreement for STEGO CONNECT Software
Object of agreement: Use against payment of the STEGO CONNECT software from the provider (hereinafter: STEGO Elektrotechnik GmbH = provider) by the customer via a
remote data connection (to the online portal of the cloud technology offered by the provider), as well as the temporary allocation of storage space for data generated by the
customer through the use of the STEGO CONNECT software via a cloud provider. STEGO CONNECT - i.e. edge computer incl. firmware and the cloud technology offered by the
provider - enables the integration of devices into the digital world. On the sensor side, the integration is done by acquiring and passing on relevant data; and on the actuator
side by using the acquired data to control devices of an application. The customer alone is responsible for ensuring that the safety circuit or safety-relevant components of the
devices controlled by STEGO CONNECT function independently of STEGO CONNECT.


STEGO CONNECT Software: STEGO CONNECT is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Each account is licensed a predetermined number of users. The communication of the system
components takes place via data connections to be set up and maintained by the customer. The STEGO CONNECT software must only be used together with the STEGO
CONNECT Edgebox, i.e. a license for the STEGO CONNECT software is only granted in combination with a STEGO CONNECT Edgebox. Compensation for using the STEGO
CONNECT IIoT platform: 65 € per month per connected Edgebox. The compensation must be paid on the first of each month in advance. Contract period: The duration of the
contract is initially limited to a period of one year plus four weeks, calculated from the date of signing the contract. After expiry of this period, the contract will be extended
each time for another year if the agreement is not terminated in writing with a period of six weeks to the end of the agreed period.


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