From Thermal Management to
Intelligent Condition Monitoring

STEGO CONNECT allows the integration of analog devices, for example heaters, filter fans, etc. into the digital world. On one side it contains digital sensors for the collection and transfer of environmental data (Remote Monitoring). On the other side, the data is used to control analog devices to improve the peripheral environment within an application. The data is transmitted via IO-Link from the sensors to the cloud. The data in the cloud (Big Data) serves as basis for the optimization of the overall application conditions.




Sensor Hub
SHC 071 | IO-Link
Digital IO-Link interface
for 1 to 4 sensors (accessory parts)
M12 plug-in connector
Clip- and screw fixing
Quick connection for sensors via connectos
Actuator Hub
AHC 072 | IO-Link
Digital IO-Link Interface
for 1 to 3 actuators
M12 plug-in connector
Quick connection for actuators via Push-In terminals
Optical indicators (LEDs)